Flonase side effects: Nasal Sprays Tips to Use

flonase side effects

Running your nose can affect your everyday life, and it does. Sometimes it makes Flonase side effects us to go through much trouble. That’s why many people use nasal sprays to get out of that. There are many kinds of nasal spray available out there, including Flonase Nasal Spray (fluticasone nasal is Flonase sprays generic name).

Inflammation of your nasal passage is the reason for congestion. These are the hole, air-filled cavities inside your nose. Flonase Nasal Sprays can relieve you from this inflammation. So, let’s have a look at nasal sprays side effects and tips to use them: 

Flonase Nasal Spray

It is one kind of nasal spray that contains fluticasone propionate that’s a corticosteroid which reliefs from the elements in the body that cause burns in the nose. 

This is used to medicate congestion, blowing, runny nose, or eyes caused by allergies. Therefore, you need to know about Flonase side effects

There is a minimum age to use Flonase Nasal Sprays. It can be used for adults or children who are more than four years old. 

Flonase nasal spray is one of the most common brands of fluticasone. 

How to use nasal sprays 

The nasal spray is used for treating nose problems in the sinus area, like nasal congestion. Nasal sprays are available in the counters or prescription drugs.

You have to use these correctly and properly so that your body can absorb it. Getting comfortable is essential to treat your body regularly and effectively. Again if you use your spray periodically and adequately, you will feel better off during the pollen season.

Precautions while taking Flonase nasal spray

There are some cautions before taking Flonase nasal spray. Tell your doctor if your symptoms don’t improve. Always try to be free with a doctor.

If you have any allergy to fluticasone, you should not use it. It can make your body’s immune system weaken that will be simple for you to infect or to get worse an infection if you already have or had. So share your doctor about this if you have and be sure before using it.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist about the safety of this medicine if you use it without any prescription. 

 your doctor before taking Flonase nasal spray if you have these kinds of  :

  • Eye problems and Liver diseases 
  • Any surgery of your nose
  • If you have any thyroid problems 
  • Exposure to chickenpox or measles 
  • An infection like (viral, bacterial or fungal)
  • Any medication for an infection 
  • If you are impregnated or breastfeeding 
  • If you have injury or sores or bone-related problem 
  • Immune system’s problem and poor circulation 
  • Taking anti-fungal or HIV medication  
  • And if you have any diabetes. 

If you want a better solution, you have to tell everything to your doctor that related to those symptoms. 

Here are the tips below to help you using a nasal spray 

You can use these instructions to use nasal spray by yourself. Also, you can learn these steps to give a nasal spray to a child or another adult. It is an essential factor in Flonase side effects. So, you always have to be careful about this aspect. Why? Because a simple mistake here can harm you a lot! 

And do not share your medicine with others if they have a similar problem too like you. A child should be overseen by an adult to use Flonase nasal spray. Read all the instructions given on your prescription note and read all medication guides or instruction sheets. Ask a doctor or pharmacist if you do not catch these instructions. 

Preparing before using a nasal spray 

We will share the way of using Flonase nasal spray correctly. 

  • Gather your estimates, including nasal spray and tissues. 
  • Clean your nose properly 
  • Please wash your hands with sanitizer and dry them with a clean towel or anything 
  • Shake the nasal spray before using, must. 

Using the nasal spray 

  • You will need to prime your nasal spray if you are using it the first time or more than six days after. To do this, give the nasal spray a fair shake and release around six jets or more in the air. Don’t forget to put your face away from this. 
  • The maximum daily dose of Flonase is two sprays in each nostril every day. The amounts may be decreased one spray in each nostril once daily after using it for a few days. 
  • Do not overuse the recommended doses without doctors’ permission if it doesn’t work after using it for several days.
  • Flonase may take a few days to get its full effort. 
  • Go to your doctor if you feel you noticed in your view or face any kind of problem.  

More tips to get comfortable while using Nasal Spray 

  • Don’t slant your head backwoods. Instead, while using Flonase Nasal Spray, keep your head steep and smell gentle. Otherwise, the medicine can run down in your throat and can make you uncomfortable.
  • Always keep the other nostril closed while spraying Flonase. So, it can help you to drag the spray into your upward nose easily. 
  • Breathe easily and take in gently while spraying.
  • Aim the first part off from the center of the nose. Now direct the space away from your septum ( the gristle dividing the two sides of your nose). After that, toward the sides of your nostril.
  • Lastly, breathe out carefully by your mouth after every spray.

By the way, Flonase nasal spray has side effects as well as all nasal sprays. Commonly reported side effects of Flonase nasal include: epistaxis. Other side effects include asthma, fever, vomiting, etc. 

See down below for more details. 

Side effects of 

Flonase is a familiar brand of fluticasone corticosteroid. It is treated for symptoms related to an overactive immune response from various conditions like allergies or asthma. Side effects of this can depend on the form dose and the individual.

Every medicine has its side effects. Flonase is also one of them. There are two types of side effects of Flonase nasal sprays. Short term side effects and long term Flonase side effects.

Short terms side effects are common, and long term side effects are rare. Many side effects don’t need immediate medical attention if they occur or not. Some of the side effects can be cured by itself. 

Side effects that need immediate medical attention 

Check with your doctor immediately if any of the following side effects occur while taking Flonase nasal spray :


  • Loud breathing or crusting around your nostrils 
  • You could have a fever or cough and sore throat 
  • Nose bleeding for several days 
  • You could have trouble in taking a breath 
  • Most of the time, you could have a runny nose 
  • You could feel muscle pain and weakness 
  • You could feel pain your eyes 
  • Also, you could feel unusual tiredness 


  • Blurred vision, it’s an eye problem 
  • You could see a distinctive vision 
  • You could lose your vision 


  • Feeling difficulty while eating  
  • Seeing color hoops around lights 
  • Wounds or white patches in your mouth or throat 
  • Unusual dizziness 
  • Feeling speedy heartbeat 
  • Large, hive-like swelling on the many or any parts of the body 
  • Puffiness of the eyelids or around the eyes, face, lips, or tongue 
  • Having red skin 
  • Skin rash, itching, hives, or welt 

Those are the side effects that you need for immediate medical attention. Don’t hesitate to share anything with your doctor. Also, don’t hide any symptoms from doctors. That may cause you a big loss. 

Side effects that do not need any medical attention. 

There are some side effects of Flonase nasal spray that do not need any medical attention if they occur. Those side effects can go away after or during treatment or after adjusting your body with the medicine. 

Here is the list:


  • If you have back pain and dizziness 


  • Pain into the mouth and nose
  • Increasing your weight and toothache  
  • If you have stomach discomfort 

And one thing remembers, if your doctor has directed you to this medication, of course, he or she has judged the benefits to you is greater than the risk of side effects. Again many people using it without any serious side effects. 

When you need emergency care? 

Go to the nearest hospital or doctor if you face any kind of symptoms like these: 

  • If you feel an allergic reaction 
  • You are feeling difficulty to breathe.
  • If you have extreme nosebleeds 
  • If you feel tiredness or weakness 
  • Swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat 
  • Botch or asthma symptoms 
  • Fever, cough, sore throat, or an infection 
  • Feeling extreme headache 
  • If you see any white offcut in your mouth, nose, or throat 
  • Sores, redness, or wounds that won’t heal 
  • Severe nausea or vomiting 
  • If you noticed weight loss or weight gain and increased your thrust 
  • Feeling dizziness, blurred vision, or eye pain and swelling feet. 

Try to follow instructions properly if you do not want to get worse. 


Stick to this and all other medications out of reach from Children, and also never share your medicine with others. And follow all the instructions and use Flonase only for the hint prescribed. 

Don’t overdose Flonase nasal spray or any kind of medicine. Otherwise, it can make your problems worse. Always talk with your doctor if you notice anything wrong. 

And side effects depend on the combination, dose, frequency of use, and individual reactions. So, that’s it on nasal sprays side effects and tips to use them. Remember, you always have to be careful about Flonase side effects!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) :

Is Nasal Spray bad for you?

It depends on you and the types of your nasal spray. You can some of nasal spray daily for a few months, but there are also some kinds of nasal spray that can make you addicted to it. Also, it can damage your nose. 

Can Nasal Sprays make you dizzy? 

Yeah, this kind of product can make you feel dizzy, nervous and also can increase your blood pressure with pulls rate. It’s also hard to sleep after using some kind of nasal sprays.

How long should you use Nasal Sprays? 

Better to listen to your doctor about it. Cause the time depends on your conditions. Overdoses can affect your nose; again, less dose can do nothing to remove your problem. But generally, you can use it for three days. 

Is it okay if Nasal Sprays goes down the throat? 

Try not to throw it in down your down throat. It has an unpleasant taste, you could feel uncomfortable for it. Also your medicine will be wasted. 

Why do I feel off balance? 

Off balance is a common conditions of nasal sprays side effects. Again it’s not a problem also. Some diseases changes nose’s volume of fluid, that’s why some times you could here ringing in your ears or hearing nothing. It can make you feel unsteady and dizzy. 

When should I take Nasal Spray morning or night?  

Well, you should take it in the morning or in evening. If you have to use twice daily, then use it both in morning and evening. Don’t use it in the night or before going to sleep. It can go under your throat and make you feel uncomfortable to sleep. So reminds that. 

What are the dangers of Nasal Sprays? 

Especially nosebleeds, feeling headache and sore throat and also nasal burning and itching. So be aware before using it. 


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