Complete guide to caring for a fiddle leaf fig

fiddle leaf fig care

The fiddle leaf fig is the most common tree of every residence, so we should know about fiddle leaf fig care. You’ve probably watched this elegant plant gracing the house and magazines. Hence the grounds of grand houses. It’s so glamorous, fiddle layers and delicacy seams received this plant as its particular name. The plant is recognized for its attractive portrait. Though, it also promotes a decisive significance within the fantastic for barely various reasons.

It’s come from the equatorial forests of West Africa. It probably extends a minimum of 40 feet long. They’re real epiphanies within the vicious. It suggests that they start their existence by rooting their grains on the roof of another plant. They were then rising downwards slowly. As they grow, they’ll restrain the keeper plant because it strives for the sun. Fortunately, the trained editions are thoughtful in houses and can joyfully supply their room with you.

Fiddle leaf fig comes from the Moraceae family, a little like the India-rubber plant. It is similarly related to the India-rubber tree. The fiddle leaf fig plants mature nicely in hardiness zones 9-11. You’ll examine the USDA’s plant hardiness zone map to find out additional about the several hardiness zones. In today’s discussion, we will talk about fiddle leaf care. 

Fiddle leaf fig care

To take care of a fiddle leaf fig, you should follow some significant steps. You need some natural ingredients like Sunlight, water, and some maintenance. Don’t worry it’s so easy to maintain a fiddle leaf fig. Here I am describing the steps below, just follow it.

Take care of your fiddle leaf fig with Sunlight

Fiddle Leaf Figs should be positioned in the face of a window. Because in that way, it will take immediate sunrise or afternoon sunshine. It is better if you want a window with a large cleared east, west, north, or south direction. You should not grow large plants near the houses that can darken the window if the window is wide sufficient and doesn’t have anything restraining a prominent view of the sky.

In a northern disclosure can similarly specialize if your Fiddle Leaf is positioned rapidly in front of it. If you want to place your plant in front of south-facing exposure, you’ll have to slowly adjust it to be in many hours of direct light when they’re provided with extensive immediate Sunlight too soon. Moreover, the fiddle leaf fig will redden from brown scorch dots. Gradually expand the quantity of time it consumes in front of a south-facing window over the procedure of seven to fourteen days. 

The length of the Fiddle Leaf Fig similarly exploits a position in deducing how much Sunlight it will require to remain comfortable. The bigger the tree, the extra Sunlight it will require. Like almost seven feet long plant would need an ample wide window to adapt its length pertained to a four feet long plant. Though the additional leaves the Fiddle Leaf Fig carries, the extra Sunlight it will require to protect its leaves and proceed to achieve fresh ones. If the tree can’t collect sufficient Sunlight, it will admit by lowering short and internal plates. That’s not good for you, fiddle leaf fig.

In the winter, the natural light isn’t as sufficient. So, it’s essential to protect your tree and keep it direct of the window. If it is creating straightforward, it’s not receiving any raw air from the window. If you have drafty windows, shift your Fiddle Leaf anywhere. At least two to three feet behind from the window and watch how it reacts. This kind of extent is ideal for the plant. However, it permits the plants to prevent any kind of random explosions of harsh air. If it is ultimately obtaining a related portion of Sunlight, it will grow rapidly without any difficulty.

You should use water to keep your fiddle leaf fresh.

Fiddles leaf needs to be watered daily. So you should put enough water daily into the soil that it can reach the roots deeply. If you give water into the dirt, it drives out the ground of the grower. That’s why it’s very important to drain it well.

You should recognize how to watering the fiddle leaf. The distribution of the period between waterings is completely dependent on how the seed is absorbing it. At the season, the light constraints, and the length of the farmer. Only make sure every time when you are watering, the top 2 inches must keep dry before you water again.

It will happen all the time when the water beginnings come out of the drainage holes; the soil becomes too dry.

 Allow the water spread in the pot for the fifteen minutes so that the mud can consume all of it. Leave them to rest at least fifteen minutes or more. After then clean it up. You can also absorb the extra water with a towel. Keep observing daily, check the mud to recognize its job.

If the plant is extremely dried out, the mud will decrease in and grab out from the horizon of your planter. It isn’t good for your plant when you water the plant, but the water will barely drain down the holes and out of the gaps in your planter. As devoid ever receiving to the seeds. You can keep a handy stick and push it a periodic time into the mud to smash stuff up, expand oxygen, and put together safe that the water enters the center of the grain.

Maintain your fiddle leaf 

Fiddle Leaf Figs need some common maintenance. Like other plants do need. You can follow some valuable ways to take care of your Fiddle Leaf. It confirms the most apparent features. The great leaves come with a great obligation, in the aspect of regular dusting. As their leaves are so wide, that’s why Fiddle Leaf Figs have to be dried regularly. Most of the time, dust grows on tree’s leaves. The dust ingredients can make it tough for the tree to consume light and accomplish photosynthesis. Though the Fiddle Leaf Figs admire sunlights so much, periodic dusting gets on an extended procedure in benefiting your tree to live in the top silhouette.

If you improve to dusting leaves, it’s moreover a useful idea to fasten your plant weekly. Swerving your plant provides it even sunlight revelation. It’s confiding one angle won’t be maturing drastically better than another as you directed to a sturdy and balanced Fiddle Leaf Fig. 

If you’re expecting your Fiddle Leaf Fig to proceed to expand branches, you can accomplish a bunch of things. Strive to provide your fiddle leaf sunlight first. The trees will naturally thrive branches. Although they’re taking a lot of natural light, they’ll retain additional power to potentially expand on generating branches. There is another strategy to stimulate branching to cut off some point of growth of the plant. It will cause the tree to avoid rising rapidly upwards. Moreover, It will start up a branch out from the standpoints.

Now adding a little more tips, move the mud once every two or three of months to protect the mud from suiting compressed. Compressed mud ultimately generates tiny compartments of mud. Especially where the water never spreads. It creates a bad effect on the plant’s aptitude to take in moisture, among different stuff. It can be fulfilled with a lot of varied purposes.

In the case of accepted mud aerator, or something the same in length and silhouette. You can take a chopstick to gently put in the aerator into the mud, gradually dragging it boost to prevent rotting too many origins. Like this in a mixture of holes around the mud, and it’ll enable to maintain the plant strong and healthy by disbanding any scars where the mud has slogged concurrently.

To grow your Fiddle Leaf Fig and the other plants are not so hard using this strategy. It’s useful not to devastate your plants with extra nutrients all at formerly. Just try to use a rapidly out ammunition fertilizer. Particularly the Indoor plants are Creative Release Plant. In the summer and spring months, you are combining them into the roof coating of the plant’s mud. Generally, these shell fertilizers ultimate for several months to fiddle leaf fig care.

Take extra care in winter.

Winter is a rough time for indoor plants. In the wintertime, there is an apparent shortage of Sunlight and warm temperatures. Fiddle Leaf Figs hardly bear this time to maintain the moisture. The period you are looking out for cold windows, you should notice above. There is a promising starting point, and there is more other stuff you can accomplish to maintain your Fiddle Leaf pleased throughout the winter.

Warming outlets are a familiar problem that people jog into during the winter. It’s natural to forget about your plants. As they exist and they’re not initiated for better than half of the year. Then it accomplishes the period for them to begin. And you intend to shift them all of your plants away from any heating outlets. The repeated explosions of heated air can parch layers, and that can dry your plants out instantly.

Since wetting your plant in the winter, disassemble the mud infrequently with a chopstick. Using the dustier indoor atmosphere during wintertime, the soil can easily fit clumped and compressed. Smashing it up softly with your fingers( you can use your fingers too) will benefit the soil to conserve water rather the water plunging straight through between the mud and perspectives of the grower.

Using a humidifier can perform to surprises for Fiddle Leaf Figs and also for another equatorial plant all year session, mostly in the cold season when the indoor air performs dusty. The chronic boost of mist circulating in the air assists to stave off drying leaf tops and keeps your plants dusty as they are in a rainforest. That’s the way you can take faux fiddle leaf fig care.

Protect your fiddle leaf from the pests

Fiddle leaf figs are exposed to various kinds of pests, mostly insects, bugs, aphids, scales and mites. Survey their sheets for any different progress or gaps and test the bottom for any tiny pests. If you notice any of these unpleasant creatures, dab them off with a soapy material or with a soft insecticide.

There is some effective way to do fiddle leaf care. Hopefully, you recognize the tips and tricks from this article.


  1. How do you propagate fiddle leaf figs?

Fiddle leaf fig propagate

Take a blade that should be sharp and clean. Trim a leaf off as near to the sprints of the branch. If you’re propagating several trimming from a cropped branch, solely cut the branch into short components with a leaf or two.

  1. Should you discard brown leaves from fiddle leaf fig?

If there are almost limited brown spots on the leaves, you do not require to reduce leaf of your plant. Allow your plant dry out for fourteen days or more until the roots have sufficient time to restore. Reduce the affected leaves and make sure your plant gets enough Sunlight.

  1. How to take care of a fiddle leaf fig tree?

Fiddle leaf fig care:

Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees need to dry out barely between watering. While they accept a good amount of water to keep moisture, healthy, happy, and moist soil will saturate the plant. If the leaves start to brown and damage and the soil is moist, try to keep the plant dry out until the soil serves totally dry.

  1. Can I leave my fiddle leaf fig in the rain?

Clearly, it is not unusual for fiddle figs to stay in the rain and snow. Because it suffers most related to natural rainwater. In the summer, if rain is arriving, you will set them inside of the house away from the shower. Many people confess their fig tree requires one or two cups of water each week.


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