5 Common Mistakes to Avoid After Your Hard Drive Crashes

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Hard drive crash is one of the common reasons for data loss. It can start with a few corrupt files in your hard drive that infect the whole storage system resulting in hard drive crashes. This might make you lose all your precious data. In such scenarios, you can always rely on data recovery methods to salvage lost data from the system’s storage.

Although hard drive crashes are the most prominent reasons, the mistakes we make right after that play an influential role in whether we can recover our data or not. Read on to see what you shouldn’t do after hard drive crash. 

Mistakes to Avoid After A Hard Drive Crash

Whenever we see a notification of a hard drive crash, most people hit the panic button. Due to panic, people tend to improperly handle the current situation, which worsens the situation. Therefore, you must keep calm to ensure maximum chances of data recovery.

1. Using Hard Drive Even After the Crash

We have seen users continue using their hard drive even after it has crashed. Stop doing that; nothing good will come out of it. Instead, you will damage more data and make it impossible to recover them.

When your user crashes a hard drive, you re-write data on the same location. This complicates the whole data recovery process.

2. Running Untrustworthy Data Recovery on Crashed Hard Drive

A crashed hard drive needs to be taken care of carefully. One simple mistake while handling can cost all your data. Running just any data recovery software might further damage the hard drive. Hence, you must only use trusted data recovery software like iBoysoft data recovery software.

Using professional data recovery software will ensure the safety of your hard drive and data. With iBoysoft data recovery software, you get experts to deal with the situation and recover your sensitive lost data. You can enjoy:

  • High Recovery Rate

One of the highest data recovery success rates in the industry to recover data from all data loss situations.

  • Guaranteed safety

Virus-free, risk-free, clean to install and read-only access to the storage device where you lost the data.

  • Super Reliable

iBoysoft data recovery software is used by world famous data recovery service providers: ontrack.com, drivesavers.com, digitaldata-solution.co.jp, etc.

iBoysoft data recovery software is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Each edition has its highlights. Let’s check.

About iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows:

BitLocker Data Recovery

You can use BitLocker Drive Encryption to encrypt PC’s internal hard drive or BitLocker To Go to encrypt portable drives in Windows. As top-class BitLocker data recovery software, iBoysoft data recovery software can perform a thorough scan to your BitLocker encrypted drive and complete the tasks as followings:

  • Recover deleted files from BitLocker encrypted drive
  • Rescue data from inaccessible or corrupted BitLocker drive
  • Recover files from the missing, deleted or lost BitLocker partition
  • Restore lost data from BitLocker encrypted drive which is mistakenly formatted in Windows XP or by the third-party formatting tool

RAW Partition Data Recovery

Before your fix RAW partition in Windows, use this free data recovery software to recover documents, videos, images, etc. from RAW partitions when:

  • You see RAW as file system in Disk Management.
  • You see 0 bytes used space and free space in disk’s Property.
  • You are asked to format the disk before you can use it.
  • You get an error message saying the drive is not accessible.

About iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac:

APFS Drive Data Recovery

Perfectly support APFS drive data recovery on macOS Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave and High Sierra. recover deleted/lost APFS partition with no fuse.

Encrypted APFS & T2 Chip Data Recovery

Uniquely support encrypted APFS drive data recovery and Apple T2 chip data recovery, including Macintosh HD and external drive.

Unmountable Drive Data Recovery

Easily solve data recovery problem after Macintosh HD not mounted, external hard drive not mounting, etc.

3. Re-Creating Partition

Some people believe re-creating a new partition in the same location will help the data recovery. No, that is not how the hard drive works. Instead, you are over-writing the lost data and can adversely affect the data recovery procedure.

When the hard drive crashes, the partitions are lost or corrupted. But that doesn’t mean the data is lost. You simply cannot see it. Talking help from trusted  data recovery software will help get back your lost data.

4. Defragmenting the Drives

We all know how the fragmentation of hard drives puts extra load on the system storage. The system storage needs to go through several repetitions to save data. This process causes overheating of the system and results in consequences like a hard drive crash or permanent damage to the hard drive.

Well, does defragmentation help to solve this problem? No, absolutely not. The data recovery experts do not recommend defragmentation after a hard drive crash as it overwrites the lost data making it impossible to recover.

5. Formatting the Hard Drive

When the hard drive crashes, a dialogue box appears recommending you format your hard drive. Most people follow the recommendation and format the hard drive. Formatting the hard drive is the dumbest mistake you can do after a hard drive crash. Doing so, you will never be able to recover your lost data.

Once the hard drive crash occurs, leave the hard drive as it is and run a data recovery scan to locate all the lost data and recover the data you need.

Final Mistakes

It is an instinct to hit the panic button after something has gone wrong. However, this is something you can be prepared for beforehand. You simply need to have the right backup software in place. When you know your data is important to you, it is natural to have a security backup.

Not having a data security backup even when everything is digitalized is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes. With that being said, we have highlighted some common mistakes that you need to avoid after a hard drive crash. If you can restrict yourself from making these mistakes, it will increase the chances of complete data recovery.


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