Color that go with purple: Best colour combination

colour that go with purple

Purple seems “foreign” color for some people because it is not as “naturally occurring” as green or blue. But purple signifies many emotions and reflects many inner feelings.  It may also be as in color psychology and associated with mysticism darkness, and even magic. In the rainbow, it may not be the most deceptive or preferred color, but it is easily adjustable and the most interesting.  But the most critical question is, what colors combine with purple?  Decorators recognize how to integrate it better, but we also analyzed the variety of shades of purple to check out. Here in this article, we have done an in-depth analysis and have concluded our results. So, don’t leave without reading the whole article to find the color that goes with purple, and that will also stimulate your interiors.

Why is purple so puzzling?

There are diverse concepts about the matching theory with purple.  Sometimes it may appear complex to find the right colors with purple. Purple shows intellect, royalty, peace, mystery, magic, imagination, loyalty, and ambition, and many more. But these are just notions. The truth is that purple is different from any other color and easy to experiment with. For combining with purple, one need not study designs. The thing that is important to know is the basic comprehension of color theory.  

Best color combination with purple color:

Colors directly opposite one another or even colors that “comparison” each other are regarded as complementary colors.  By taking a look at them, you can measure which colors complement one another. So what for purple? The answer is Yellow, orange, and green will be the most obvious ones. But, contrasting colors are matter. Colors go right with each other as a compliment.

In general, purple, indigo, and Pink are good colors that go with purple. A purple color palette can be formed by pinpointing three colors as a triangle or the circle or rectangle shape and place the purple in the middle. It will help to know the best matching color with purple. You can also play purple in its tints that are various along with mix and match, and brown, black, gray, and white colors that go with purple in a bedroom. Honestly, the options are endless.  But here we have tried to mention the best matching combination with purple color.

Purple + Royal Blue:

The dining room with this combo is a sublime blend of the modern and traditional trend. This is the best color that go with purple. It elaborates turn of the century ceiling. In carpeting, most of us love the purple and yellow combo. Dining chairs also pops due to this color variety.

Purple + Dusty Rose:

A curly, round carpet colored with purple and dusty rose pops up in the living room that can be a 2LG Studio.  The gentle, dusty-pink walls that are painted proclaim a sophisticated backdrop without disrupting the room’s sweetness. If you are unaware of what color looks best with purple then you can choose rose without any doubt. It may be unknown to you also dusty rose nail color that go with purple dresses.  

Purple + Cantaloupe:

Twirling this lavender theme, make a particular kitchen romantic and higher than the traditional look. The generous combo act as wow for the farm-house rooms. 

Purple + Light Gray:

This lavender oasis designed introduces a strong case for decorating that is monochromatic.  Utilize the right impartial in this case, light gray, and adhere to a color narrative of pastels. Light grey is the color that go with purple clothes.

Purple + Marigold:

The dark blue shades provide a lovely and bold color with marigold that similar to darkish yellow. If you want to know what color go with dark purple then the answer is marigold. Its texture enhances as an additional punch.  This is considered a good color that go with purple.  And things are not ended there. The marigold drapes and luxurious armchair donate to the color 

Purple + Black: Dark in this contemporary living room shows an intimate mood. This contrast is considered as best color to pair with purple.  The black color resembling the tone of ink combining with charcoal gives vibe to the drawing-room decoration and the milder pink and lotion elements soften things. The color that go with purple and black is also blue.

Purple + Baby Blue:

This is the more conventional elements within the hallway. You can elaborate purple and baby blue as a playful counterpoint as sky-blue grass-cloth background. You can also use a ginger jar counter lamp with a grape-toned edged color.   If you add a violet lavender blossom, then it will give a nice touch too. 

Purple + Pastel Yellow

Pastel yellow also goes with the purples. For the living room, this combo works as the best color combination with purple color. You can set twin beds with pastel purple-and-green top sheets that will give a spring-like touch.  The cover toppers with contrast in print will retain the easter egg color. 

Purple Forest Green:

This combo suites for the bathroom with an eggplant-purple bathtub and a metallic wallpaper. The painted walls with woods green feature a panther. 

Purple + Tarqouse:

You will enjoy this ceiling contrasts with timeless barrel seats and the bucolic turquoise pieces in this comfy nook. An announcement wall or ceiling at a fun color like amethyst can be just actually a great solution to keep things exciting and fresh. 

Purple + Gold:

The baby-pink lavender and ceiling carafe and tumbler set accentuates the purple flecks in this panel of gold wallpaper.  The interior design firm has introduced a style with a wooden cabinet and contemporary vases. It’s also better to know the color that go with purple and yellow is dark purple and emerald green.

Purple + mustard:

Mustard and purple do balance each other that they make you look and feel like royalty. For fashionable looking, you can incorporate purple into your wardrobe with mustard color.  Somewhat closer to the side, wearing of this combo provides an extra vibe.  

Purple + grey:

Most of us think flowery arrangements are only restricted by greens and whites. But the thing is not right after considering purple and grey combo. This trendy color is perfect for a marriage. Considering this, colors that go with the purple wedding, green and yellow, and a neutral grey is chosen. Grey suits and plum bride dresses appear tasteful and classy together without being annoying or safe.

Purple + Bronze:

From weddings to cosmetics, a purple with a bronze color palette is remarkably accessible because of this match with other. Bronze or similar colors that go with purple weeding provides an extra vibe.  This combo is more aged to perfection, stately with the tiniest glimmer of spunk and shine.  Deep purple can also be paired to get a blue, dramatic effect because bronze is among the darker of the metallic tones, or a paler version of purple can also be used to moisturize the ambiance.

Purple + Plum:

You Might Believe purple and black plum are different Colors of purple, but that’s where it gets somewhat complicated.  However, when contemplating color combinations, it is possible to test lighter hues of purple to choose the deep plum tones that are mystical.

Most of us think purple and plum are the grades of the same shade, but these two act as complementary colors. This combo also provided a luxurious look by pairing together in any space.  In the event you wish to keep the bottom lighter, you can opt for lotion colors.

Purple with a hot reddish purple plum creates an aesthetic and exceptionally luxury vibe.  Purple is deep and theatrical and plum is royal and aesthetical.  When you will incorporate plum with purple, both will end by a temperature band. And you can grab various impactful candies by balancing the combo using some light shades. 
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Purple + Mint Green:

Purple is traditionally employed as a color for green.  And it also works great with mint green. When combined rich, saturated purple with mint green, it plays as a background role and creates an interesting dynamic feature. This combo texture is classy and solid for any place.

Purple + Dark Brown:

The dark chocolate brown and purple colors provide a familiarity. With the flaw of time, it has not still lost its appeal a little bit. If you do painting, then splash of this two-color act as a contrast also.

Purple + Lime green: 

A trendy shade of if paired using a color such as oil, purple, with undertones than yellowish or red ones, will warm.  As a cross between yellow, green, and green and brown oil can be as earthy as it’s, which makes the duo a beautiful color set.  Employing various other darker neutrals help the combination texture rested and balanced.  A color blend for a long in nurseries time, purple and lime green contained a great shimmering color. This color pairing is so popular and by adopting its stimulating pattern, you will be a fan of this. And if you are afraid to use deep then this combo will break all unnecessary worries.

Red+ purple:

Most of the people think purple and red don’t match each other. But there is an exception if you choose a red lipstick color that go with purple eyeshadow. Reddish and purple together have a partial stand and most designers have proven its uniqueness. Animated abstract art paired with this color adds a beautiful combination of old and new, moody, and cheerful features. For choosing your outfits, you can also pick red color that go with purple as common contrast.

Purple + crimson or Pink:

Purple enjoys to function as the night’s celebrity, and it can’t require any color out there to give this lift to it.  But, relating purple with its subordinate colors provides an eye shooting appealing. Especially when it comes to Pink, purple, and orange, produce an ambiance of Energy, happiness, and enthusiasm. You can also play with multiple colors with purple rather than sticking only with these three.  The use of black will always pop it up.

Purple + Taupe:

It’s one advantage of taupe color that every color goes with it. As being a neutral color, taupe is matched with most of the vibrant color. And the simple fact is that when purple paired with taupe, it shows the royalty. There are many variations of purple such as the grape juice purple is different from the burgundy purple. But thing is that most of the purple shades lie between these two tones. And all these colors work on decorating the space because taupe features a hint of undertones in it. 

Purple+ yellow + pink:

pink and purple go together by providing a lovely ombre pairing in the design environment. The three-layered color mix works very pleasantly for new big spaces. For your outfit, the color that go with purple and yellow is also pink.

Purple + Pink + Orange:

The color that goes with purple and orange is pink. This combo creates an intense and energetic combination. It is usually working fine when purple is associated with other vibrant colors. It enhances the capacity and overwhelms the beauty.

Purple + Pink + blue:

If you want to know the color that go with purple and Pink then the color is blue.  Pink and purple represent the appeal, and both, respectively. And this three combo reflects the richness of the standard.

Purple + Pink + red:

many people think these three can never infuse together. But the thing is quite different here. But if you want to give an edgy and vibrant look then we will say to pick this combo. As you have to know with a vibrant color always pick the light color that will adjust the proper color tone.


  • What are the most suitable colors that go with purple?

Color such as mustard, yellow, green, red, blue, plum, brown, black, grey, pale green combination with purple is quite good. 

  • Is grey color suitable for purple color?

In short, the answer is yes. And you can pick darker plum color shades with grey for your outfits and lighter lavender also. 

  • What color are suitable for purple walls?

It depends on the shades of purple color. As there are many shades of purple color. But if you choose a light shade of purple then it’s better to choose any dark color for your wall. In general, dark purple, bright blue, and white creates a classy look.  

  • What looks good with light or dark purple?

You can choose yellow, orange, and green for light purple and golden-brown, pale yellow, grey, mint green, light orange goes well with dark purple.


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