Cars That Don’t Burden On Your Pocket


Cars That Don’t Burden On Your Pocket. A car is not a one-time investment. You have to keep up with its maintenance, mileage and repair costs otherwise, it will quickly lose its value. However, the good news is that all the cars don’t come up with back-breaking upkeep costs. They vary depending on the type of car you own.

So while buying a car, you need to look beyond its price tag. While many cars will sweep away a considerable amount of your salary and saving frequently, there are cars that will not put much burden on your pocket once you buy them. Here is the list of such “easy to preserve” cars:

Toyota corolla

Corolla has sold a staggering 43 million cars in 5 decades. If a car model is widely well-received around the world for so long, there must be something good about it. Ever since its launch, Toyota Corolla has been amongst the top-selling cars in the world.

Seemingly, the car’s popularity knows no bound in America where it was the highest-selling car in 2007. Most of the owners who replace their Toyota corolla cite the reason that they want to try something new. The market has been producing more cars than ever, so it is tough for a car enthusiast to stick to one car for a long time.

As for the maintenance costs, you only have to spend about 200 dollars annually to keep a Toyota corolla in shape. Regardless of which part of the world you drive this car, the amount will remain the same until you come across a major issue. Reportedly, the evaporation system and engine lights are one of the most repaired features of this car.  

Toyota Prius

Once famous amongst Hollywood celebrities, the car was launched in 1997. When it comes to gas efficiency, not many cars can compete with the Toyota Prius. You can drive up to 50 miles with one gallon of gas. Clearly, gas-efficiency adds to the car valuation.  

Let’s turn our attention to its repair costs now. Firstly, the car is so durable that you don’t have to heel-drag it to the mechanics very often. And even if it faces any mechanical barrier, you can easily afford that. Numerically speaking, on average, Toyota Prius costs under 200 dollars per year with regard to repairs.       

Toyota Camry

Without a shadow of a doubt, you can’t easily take your eyes off from this car as far the looks go. If it’s on the road, you can’t keep yourself from peeking outside the window of your car to catch Toyota Camry’s glance.

However, sparking, they may be, looks don’t underwhelm its internal features at all. In fact, the car’s performance thoroughly supplements its appearance.

The repair costs of Toyota Camry are around 400 dollars per year without major break down. So much so, the car occupied the third position for ten years in the US due to its affordable operating costs.

In a nutshell, combining its affordable running expenses and awesome outlook, only a handful of cars can venture coming close to Toyota Camry.

Honda accord

Easily, it is one of those cars which don’t take a trip to nearby mechanics. Due to its vast availability, you will not find it difficult to buy your Honda Accord’s automobile parts. This is one factor that keeps repairs costs under the reach of an average car owner.  

Perhaps, the car is one of the most simple-looking ones, but it receives reviews from all around the world due to its durable engine. So it lets you off the hook as far as prominent engine issues are concerned.

Moreover, if you are a good driver and don’t bump your car often, the car has got everything it takes to give you good resale value.

Honda civic

You just have to look at Honda Civic once to acknowledge its looks. Be it sedan or hatchback, all are widely appreciated for how they look. However, they are equally good at other things. Fuel economy is one of the main aspects of Honda Civic.

As the years have slipped by, Honda civic has replaced certain parts that have elevated its performance and reduced repairing costs, respectively. For example, unlike past models, timing belts are not part of civic anymore.

Honda Civic might not be as economical compared to Honda fit, but in the list of low-maintenance cars, Honda civic is right up there.       

Kia soul

It’s been nearly a decade since Kia Soul has come into the market. In all these years, the reliability of the car has only improved. More than 200 reviews on have given Kia Soul a well-deserved 5-star rating.

Edmunds adds that the car does not make you pay for any unscheduled repairs for years. And among all its repairs, only 10 percent would be major mechanical problems. This is a drastically low ratio and again emphasizes its reliability.

Talking about the exact budget, Kia Soul will cost you around 4700 dollars in a period of 10 years. If we further break down, it makes 470 dollars a year, which is a reasonably low amount and definitely well within the reach of an average lad.   

Ford mustang

This car possesses a very strong historical background. After the Chevy Corvette, no other sports car has become more common than the Ford Mustang in the US.

If you happen to be one of those people who always wanted to have a sporty car but hold back because of maintenance costs, Ford Mustang could be your cup of tea. To be more precise, the Ford Mustang is amongst the top 10 affordable classic muscle cars. The current models are far more durable than the 1960s model of the car.  

Apart from some untimely repairs in the initial few years, the car does not really ask for much in the long run.   

Infiniti Q70

If you believe that all the luxury cars cost an extravagant amount of money to repair, you surely have not come across Infiniti Q70. One of the biggest reasons behind its affordability is that many of the car’s parts overlap with Nissan Vehicles. Thus, you readily find its part in all the nook and cranny of the world.    

Honda CR-V

By now, you must have learned that Honda is known for producing reliable cars and Honda CR-V also lives up to the same standard. That’s why the company was able to sell more than 300000 CR-V cars in the US in 2016 alone.

According to the estimations made by Edmunds, the car takes about a yearly budget of 965 dollars with regard to maintenance. Compared to the other SUVs of the same size, this amount is very reasonable.   

Subaru Impreza

Subaru Impreza comes in shapes like hatchback, coupe, and wagon. It has participated in rallies and also won quite a few of them. Being such a powerful unit, Subaru Impreza does not cost much in terms of maintenance.

Going by the figures of, the average repairs costs are well under 450 dollars annually. Of course, that’s without a major part failure like the gasket, which takes about 1000 dollars to restore.

The final thoughts

Through cheap is not really cheap when you are talking about cars. But that does not mean you should negate the importance of maintenance costs. If not in the short run, above cars do help you to save your hard-earned bucks in the long run for sure.   


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