Benefits of Dentures Over Implants

Benefits of Dentures Over Implants

Missing teeth are a serious problem that can disrupt many everyday activities, such as talking and eating. Additionally, they might lead to more dental problems in the future if left unattended. Though there are many different solutions to replace missing teeth, the benefits of dentures over implants make them your best choice. 

Most people opt for basic dentures when choosing how to fix the problem of missing teeth. However, dentures over implants are both more efficient and more fitting for the different needs of patients. You can learn more about dentures over implants at Simply Teeth and see how they can help you. 

Stay tuned to find out what the benefits of dentures over implants are, and why they should be your first choice for solving the problem of missing teeth.

Basic Dentures vs. Overdentures

The reason many people choose basic dentures is that they’re affordable. But although traditional dentures are the cheapest way of dealing with missing teeth, they also have several disadvantages.

Firstly, some people have problems keeping dentures in place throughout the day. Therefore, activities like eating, talking, and laughing are made difficult and uncomfortable. Secondly, patients have expressed displeasure at the limited function that basic dentures have. Finally, many people also get sores on their gums and the inside of their mouths because of dentures. 

Dentures over implants (also called overdentures) come with none of these problems. They work in a similar way to traditional dentures, but are significantly more effective at mimicking the function of natural teeth. While basic dentures use a bonding solution to hold the denture in place, overdentures use implants. These implants are much better at keeping the dentures in place, and they can be adjusted to fit your mouth perfectly. Thus, you’ll have no sores to worry about.

Types of Overdentures

There are two basic types of overdentures. The first type is tooth supported overdentures, while the other is implant supported. 

Tooth Supported Overdentures

Tooth supported overdentures are only an option if you have some of your own teeth left. Your natural teeth then support and carry the overdenture. Certain procedures need to be done to prepare your teeth for this role. These procedures include root canal treatments and tooth shaving. After they are done, the overdenture is placed on your teeth. 

This type of overdentures is more affordable and preserves your natural bone structure. However, it is not always possible as not everyone has salvageable teeth dentists can work with. That is why dentures over implants are a much more popular treatment option. 

Implant Supported Dentures

If you have no more natural teeth, implants are the next best solution. Implants are inserted into your jawbone and then connected to the overdenture. Usually, there are about four implants altogether, but it depends on the patient and the amount of jawbone the dentist can work with. The minimum number required is two implants.

The implant insertion takes about an hour. The surgery is safe, simple, and mostly painless. Your dentist loosely attaches the denture to the implants immediately after the surgery. Then, after about three months, they can permanently fix and fit the denture.

The Benefits of Dentures Over Implants

Now that you know the types of overdentures, it is time to talk about the benefits of dentures over implants.

Aesthetics and Health

Firstly, dentures over implants are the best way to preserve the structure and appearance of your jawbone if you have no natural teeth left. Basic dentures lead to sunken cheeks and loss of movement in your jaw. But overdentures, especially implant ones, preserve your natural appearance. Additionally, they preserve all your movement ability so you look fully natural with them. No one will be able to tell you even have any dentures on. 

Implant-supported dentures are also the best solution health-wise. Apart from keeping your jaw looking natural, they also keep it from losing bone structure. That, in turn, helps prevent serious dental conditions from developing due to missing teeth. 

 Highly Functional

Dentures over implants allow for chewing all sorts of food. No matter how hard, crunchy or sticky, you can eat anything you like without fear of your dentures falling out or breaking. With these kinds of dentures, there are no food restrictions. 


Implant-supported dentures are quite comfortable. They cause no discomfort and no pain. Since they connect directly to your jawbone, they also fit into your mouth perfectly, so no sores can form. Thus, they are fully pain-free.

Easy Maintenance 

These dentures are rather easy to maintain. You can clean them by brushing them just like your natural teeth. Thus, you need no special liquids or cleaning procedures that basic dentures usually require. 

Affordable Price

Looking at the long-term benefits of dentures over implants, their price is one of the biggest ones. Though basic dentures are cheaper, they also need to be replaced more frequently as their quality isn’t high. Overdentures, on the other hand, stand the test of time and require no additional fixing procedures. Thus, they are a better choice in the long run. 

No Adhesives

Traditional dentures require the use of expensive and uncomfortable adhesives. Adhesives are creams that help keep the dentures in place. They can tamper with your taste buds, which means that they change the way food tastes for you. Additionally, they can irritate your gums, and none of them are fully effective at keeping dentures in place.

With dentures over implants, there is no need for these creams. The implants hold your denture in place, and you never have to worry about it being loose or falling out. 

In Conclusion

As you have read, there are many advantages of overdentures in general, and dentures over implants in particular. These missing teeth treatment options are efficient, affordable, comfortable, and easily maintained. So, make sure you are taking advantage of all the benefits of dentures over implants, as they are the best way to get your smile and confidence back. 


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