Ads Supply Review – Affiliate Marketing Simplified


Affiliate marketing has become a powerhouse form of marketing and an excellent way for a person to earn a full or extra income online. However, many affiliate marketers have found that they must put in a lot of legwork to make the time and resources they spend worth the income they generate. Fortunately, marketing platforms such as has done an excellent job of taking the complexity out of successful affiliate marketing, and this Ads Supply review endeavors to explain how it is done.                

What is the Ads Supply Platform?    

Ads Supply is a self-service marketing platform packed with tools that enable users to create and run their own digital advertising campaigns quickly and with little effort. Setting up banner ad campaigns is a straightforward process, and users are not required to have any prior marketing experience to start promoting various products or services and earn commissions when they deliver results. The Ads Supply digital advertising platform allows people to get started in digital advertising by giving them easy access to hundreds of online companies and publisher networks with the potential to reach millions of web users. 

The platform features several advanced tools that help users customize their cost-per-lead (CPL) ads, depending on their niche and target market. In other words, Ads Supply simplifies the affiliate marketing process, even for newbies who are just making their first steps in the digital marketing world. 

How Can You Make Money Using the Ads Supply Platform?

Ads Supply users (i.e., marketers) earn commissions by creating and running successful cost-per-lead (CPL) campaigns. Put simply, users earn money from lead generation. Every banner ad that a user makes is displayed on multiple websites and publisher networks partnered with the platform. Each user generates an affiliate commission for every lead that originates from their banner ad. The more leads you generate, the more money you can make. 

So, you’re probably asking by now how you can start advertising. Well, keep on reading as we’re about to explain each step of the process in detail so that budding affiliate marketers can get a jump start on their new online advertising venture.

Creating an Account

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The first step to using the Ads Supply platform is to create an account (free). New users will need to provide standard information, such as name, email address, and mailing address. Once that is complete, the user will be able to log into the platform and start exploring it. 

Search the Marketplace

Starting with the “Marketplace” section, users can find a list of pre-made ad campaigns from which they can choose. Selecting one of these marketing campaigns puts them on track to quickly launch their very first campaign.

Make a Purchase

The next step in launching a new ad campaign is making a purchase. Each ad campaign features a “Purchase” button at the bottom, and by choosing the campaign they want and clicking on “Buy Now,” users are able to launch their banner ad campaign right away quickly. Yes, it’s that simple.

Creating Custom Campaigns 

Those who want to create a more custom-tailored ad campaign can click the “Custom Campaign” option. This feature allows users to create their own banner ad campaigns from scratch and gives them more control over the entire process, leading potentially to better results and larger commissions.

Vertical Products 

After naming the ad campaign, the user’s next step is to select the product/service vertical (from jobs and business opportunities to sport & fitness, and more), set a budget, and choose the ad’s image. After this, the platform allows users to craft a target audience so that the banner ad is shown to the most relevant web users.  

Ad Completion  

The final step in creating and launching a new banner ad campaign is choosing the campaign’s headline from a variety of pre-made ones. Once that’s done, all that’s left to do is to review the campaign for the last time, save, and launch it. Your new CPL ad campaign is now live! 

Ads Supply Packages

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Ads Supply offers a range of packages to suit users’ needs, whether they are brand new or established affiliate marketers. Each package a user chooses determines what is available to them on the platform. Note that there’s a requirement for all packages to provide a minimum deposit of $250 to get started. Below is an explanation of the Ads Supply packages. 

Starter Account 

The first option is the Starter Account. As the name suggests, it is a great option for those new to the platform. With this account, users are given a welcome value add-on of 10%, a platform guide that provides detailed information on how to use Ads Supply, and a market review that is published monthly. 


The next step up is the Silver Account. With this account, users receive a weekly market review, a platform guide, a 15% welcome value add-on, and five live training sessions.  


The Gold Account features even more benefits than the previous two. With this account, users get all the bonuses listed under the Silver Account, plus a 25% welcome value add-on and a marketing e-book.

The Bottom Line

CPL ad campaigns are an essential tool for affiliate marketing, and Ads Supply makes the process of creating, launching, and tracking them a breeze. There are very few platforms that hold the same value as Ads Supply when it comes to simplicity and ease-of-use. Overall the platform is highly intuitive and a solid option for those just starting out with online marketing. 


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