A Vacation for Every Mood 5 Amazing Moments You can only experience with Cordelia Cruises!


A holiday that has the energy of the city and the peace of the ocean. Sounds perfect, right? How about a holiday in an ocean-side city? Are you interested? Imagine having everything you’ve ever dreamed of on your vacation From eating under the stars to exploring the world on the sea to testing your luck at the poker table.

Don’t think about an international vacation and take an unforgettable cruise vacation on the brand new Cordelia Cruises! If you’re a solo explorer or a thrill seeker or a parent looking for an adventure with their children or a couple in search of romance, Cordelia Cruises offers the ideal holiday experience for you. You don’t have to leave the country as these cruises provide you with the world!

1. The Waves of Romancing

Take advantage of the best international travel on your holiday by booking Cordelia Cruises, and not move around too much. In short it is possible to discover a brand new location right in the middle of the ocean. Furthermore, you’ll be waking up to stunning views, enjoying events such as taking a cruise and eating in the night. Remember your personal Titanic moment as you gaze out to an endless horizon while with your partner in arms.

2. Affirming your love for the Sea

Explore the most thrilling adventures of your life with Cordelia Cruises by climbing the climbing wall made of rock – the most elevated point on the ship and from there you’ll be able to admire stunning views of the sea. Try your luck in the dazzling casino, and create new friendships while you fight to win the next big prize and all within an area that is surrounded by ocean! There is never any dull moment during these cruises because the vessels are filled with exciting things to do.

3. Everlasting memories with your kids

If you’re traveling with children and they’re up for an adventure that will last an entire lifetime. From shows that are magical to children pools and jacuzzis kids’ pools, they will enjoy a great time on the cruise ship. If you’re traveling with children who are under 12 years old you can travel with them at no cost until the 31st of July in 2021. There will also be a variety of exciting events and shows such as live performances on board that everyone in the family will take pleasure in.

4. Enjoy the best of Cuisines

Cordelia offers a carefully curated menu that is designed to suit the Indian taste. It also offers Pan-Asian delicious dishes as well as international grills. If you’re not sure what meats you want The cruise liner offers a fantastic vegetarian as well as Jain food options in the food court as well as restaurants on board. Also the dining options available all day on board will keep your stomach full! So, let your palate to a culinary journey of a lifetime when you cruise with Cordelia Cruises.

5. Rejoicing in Some Me Time

When you cruise with Cordelia Cruises, you’ll have a great time traveling on your own but will never be at a loss. You can unwind at the spa’s luxurious facilities and shop around or indulge in the cake-making process or wine-tasting adventure. Who could have imagined going to see a classic play or film on a cruise ship? You can watch an evening beneath the stars, in India’s sole theater in the sky, and set in the middle of the ocean!

If you’re looking for a weekend escape or an extended vacation, plan your cruise with Cordelia Cruises to experience the highest level of luxury which you can enjoy here. You can forget about the stress that comes when you go on a regular vacation and make your trip a unique surprise! Set your schedules, take your luggage with you, and head out to the ocean.


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