Video and Audio content transcription are often understood as long and tedious process, but research has shown that web pages and videos with transcripts usually have the potential to attract more audience and they generate an average of 25% more revenue than videos or web pages which do not contain text content. Not only does it provide increased revenue, but it has also been evident from research that transcribing videos and audio content increases consumer engagement as well as increases SEO too.

This is nowadays the foremost purpose for digital content creators to increase their target audience and followers on their channels and websites. Research shows that even due to the availability of subtitles, the viewers have the opportunity to view video content more easily and their viewership is increased by 75%. If you are a digital content creator or a website owner who wants to increase revenue, content engagement or SEO results, you might need a variety of tricks and strategies for transcribing your videos in a simple and easier way. 


There are significant reasons because of which transcription of audios and video content has become much popular and an in-demand process. There have been various software programs which offer transcription services for easily converting your video or speech into written text. Moreover, it also improves SEO and organic search results for content.

The accessibility is also increased for the viewers who have any kind of hearing disability. The purpose of content creation is to attract more and more audience for your digital content and website; it is advisable to add a written content along with the video so that the people can not only view the video but also see the written form of the video in the form of written subtitles. 


Transcribing videos is understood as a simple process which is used for converting your videos or audios into readable text. If for some reason, you are not able to use voice input or simple conversion, you can simply refer to the following ways to transcribe the video into text. It is highly recommended that you should use at least one form of transcription software to help you in transcribing videos in a better way. If you are still unable to configure how to transcribe a video, you should consider using available software programs for transcription. 

If your focus is on transcribing audio rather than video, then the same applies: using software can help to speed up the process. However, when it comes to how to transcribe audio in a way that assures quality, it’s still best practice to involve human language professionals in the transcription process. A blended software and human solution is often the most cost-effective way to ensure you have a high-quality transcript of your audio file.


Following are some of the simple and effective ways for transcribing videos like never before:

  • Using DIY methods

In the current era of information and technology, there are various tricks and strategies which are developed according to the ease and availability of options. Therefore, if you are involved in digital advertising, and you only need tutorials and podcasts transcripts, then you may want to consider doing this yourself. Because the best available transcript services are considered as quite expensive.

They usually charge you more than your budget. Therefore various do-it-yourself (DIY) methods have been developed recently for providing you essential ways to transcribe videos on your own. Also, by using easily available free software on your smartphones or free software apps which are available on Play store you can transcribe videos. Also, it provides you with the liberty to make it as per your wish and style to suit the requirement or need of the video.  

  • Using YouTube Transcribing options

Various digital content creators utilize YouTube for transcribing their videos. YouTube subtitles are authentic and are mostly 75% accurate depending on whether your video has clear sound or not. This option is ideal for videos with clear sound, proper speaker pronunciation and moderate speed of speech. The video is usually edited and skimmed so that you can upload it after checking the possible errors, but usually, it is almost correct. 

It has been observed that the software usually spells strange names and words of various available languages. The initial step to documenting content in this way is to make sure that you are not in a noisy place so that the video content only should be transcribed. If there will be background noise, then there are possibilities that other voices can be recorded along with the video content, which may not result in accurate transcription.

  • Using Google Docs for Transcribing videos

Many people think that the Google Docs speech typing tool is the best transcript software. The Google Drive account is not only free, but it is also accurate and easy to use.

Speaking with text software makes the transcript process faster and easier than most of the other methods available. Instead of listening to the audio over and over again and typing it when you hear it, you listen to the audio and say what you hear. Google will do the rest for you. With this tool, you can shorten the transcription time and length of the recording itself. Also, you must have selected the right language and tapped the recording button. In this way, you are all set to start chatting, and the software will start typing and converting your speech into word text.  

  • Using an effective word expander software.

The software known as Word Expander tool can increase the accuracy as well as the speed of transcription by 40%. You can even fix it yourself. It also reduces the chances of unwanted key presses, thus increasing the accuracy as well as speed.

If a quiet place is not available, then you can utilise headphones which are used to cancel the noises in the surrounding to improve the quality of the content. Software editors such as WavePad might be used, which are known as a great tool to reduce the surrounding noise and interruptions in the content and increase speaker volume. So in this way you can function in a more efficient manner. 

  • Utilizing a popular internet web app

There are many popular applications on the internet that allow you to upload sounds to their software applications and use AI to convert audio to messages. In addition to the advantages of integrating a variety of other software program functions, it also has the advantage to provide you with suggestions to improve the video. Online transcript software programs have a cheaper model speed than transcript solutions, and they give you a lot of control over your imagination.


Therefore, it can be concluded that there are various DIY methods available for transcribing your video. Besides, there are other methods such as online tools that can help you to transcribe videos like a pro. So, people have various options to choose from.

As there are various options available which are free as well as they are in-expensive; therefore you can easily utilize them for transcribing your videos and increase chances of audience engagement for your videos as well as website. In addition to several marketing-related benefits that are achieved from transcribing videos, one of the best reasons to transcribe videos is to make your content accessible to a variety of users. This can include those who are disabled and cannot hear the audio while watching videos. Moreover, by placing a transcript under the caption of your video can enable a disabled person to read or listen to the text by using screen-reading technology.


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