4 Steps to Take after Being Hit by a Drunk Driver Chicago


When an accident t occurs, the pain and injuries people suffer are very severe and can even cause death. Drinking alcohol while driving is prohibited in Chicago, as it can lead to hallucinations and misjudgment, which can cause a fatal accident. However, most people get confused about what steps to take to get compensation for the loss they incur, either through losing their job or pain and suffering. It’s vital to consider contacting Chicago personal injury attorney to help guide you on the steps you need to follow to get the maximum compensation. This article will explore the steps you should take after being hit by a drunk driver.

  1. Stay Calm and Call the Police

When you get involved in a car accident, it’s essential always to stay. This enables you to have time to understand your surroundings. This helps you to evaluate your injuries and the state of the accident. Leaving the scene immediately might complicate the situation and make you more dangerous. After the accident, you should always keep calm and call the Police to help assess the situation; they will also come along with an ambulance in case your or other people have incurred severe injuries. Calling the Police is crucial as some insurance companies can deny you compensation in case there is no official report by the Police. 

  1. Take Photos

While still on the crime scene, you must take as many photos as possible of the damaged vehicles and the injuries you get during the process. Documenting the accident through photographs and video helps give you an upper hand and helps act as evidence in a court of law. The photos will help to establish the type of weather, the layout of the intersection, or any construction activities that could have led to the crash. Make sure you capture all the injuries, even the least one, as they can play a vital part when claiming compensation.

  1. Gather Information

You must try gathering all the information you can from the scene. Take the number plates of the drunk driver’s car, license, name, and address. It would help if you also looked for witnesses to help attest to what happened. Most of this information might have been collected by the Police but don’t depend so much on it; gather the information to help back up your story. Write down every detail you remember before and after the accident. After the accidents, most people tend to forget a lot, especially if they have head injuries. Your Lawyer can also help you gather the necessary information and proof to show you we are not at fault.

  1. Obtain all Medical Records

After an accident, your health comes first; this is why it’s very crucial to go for a check-up in the hospital and get treated for all the injuries you got from the accident. Even when you feel like you are fine, it’s very crucial to go for a check-up to ensure you are good. Consider storing all the medical receipts and other medical information well. You need to use this as proof when filing for compensation. You should also record all the expenses you incur in the process.

Bottom Line! 

Always contact a personal injury lawyer to help you through the process from the time of injuries. It’s also crucial that you avoid confronting the other driver on anything about the accident.


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